Data Analysis Software for Sailing Race Boats

S.P. has been developed for those of you that, for necessity or just for fun, wish to visualize and analyze the sailing data with the goal of improving the overall performance of the boat and to provide with the right information for fine-tuning the on board instruments.

speeds the analysis: easily imports the log-files from the most common navigation software on the market and visualizes them with a simple and intuitive interface. S.P. even superimposes different data together – Boat and Over Ground Speed, Compass Heading and Course Over Ground: the only software available today to offer this feature!

is the only one that quickly compares different trims with clear, objective and definitive results: dramatically improving the value of each test. Looking for the perfect cross-over of two Jibs or two Spinnakers won’t be a problem anymore!

finally reliable results! S.P. completes your on board instruments adding what was missing so far: the possibility of revisiting the navigation in all its aspects. You can review previous tacking, or any single tack and gibe. S.P. will show you how fast was your upwind and the angles during downwind. S.P. can save and deliver all the information that you may not be able to retain during the most intense phases of a race.

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